What is Mindframe Arena?

Mindframe Arena android game
Mindframe is a 2-player turn based  board game, each player starts with an initial deck (5 Tec characters), the players move their Tecs around the board with the aim of getting one Tec on the opponent’s spawn point, both players have a set amount of time per turn, and the first to get a Tec on the opposing spawn point wins the game.

Mindframe Arena mobile game

Like many classic board games, there is both a simplicity and complexity to the game board. The simplicity comes from the goal of getting your Tec from their start point (grey) to the opponents (yellow). A game session involves a player: 

  • Selecting their set of 5 Tecs to play; 
  • Moving their Tecs onto the board; 
  • Casting attack or special spells; 
  • Wining by capturing their opponents start point; 

 Once a player captures the opponents spawn node, the game session is complete and they will progress further into the Mindframe world. They will also be rewarded with gold and/or additional spells. This allows them to upgrade their faction. 

The main focus is on battling, upgrading and progressing as they encounter more powerful levels.

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